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Easy WordPress recipe cards with Super Simple Recipes

Today we’re excited to be introducing Super Simple Recipes. A WordPress recipe card plugin, that we think, gets it just right.

Easily create beautifully engaging recipe cards

Super Simple Recipes is all about keeping the creation of beautiful recipe cards simple and engaging, whilst providing all the functionally and options needed.

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Sourcing the best FREE images for your WordPress blog

When you come to creating a new blog post, I’m sure that a very important aspect for you is to make your post as visually appealing as possible. Not everyone is an aspiring photographer or has access to a decent camera (or time / scenery / space for that matter!) and you may be thinking, where is the best place to find the best photos images for your blog.

During the design process of our themes, finding the right imagery for our theme demos plays a big part. I have my go-to sites where I find the best photos for our themes that are crystal clear, high in resolution and high in quality photos, and I want to share these sites with you so you can also have beautiful free photos for your blog.

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Bloggers’ Showcase

Thank you to all you awesome people who responded to our ’Showcase’ newsletter at the beginning of the month. We received lots of submissions and we have just now got around to going through them all to select our favourites, which was much harder than we thought it would be! There were many amazing submissions using our themes but we have now whittled it down to just 13 (couldn’t quite get it down to a nice round 10!). And for those of you who left us your Twitter handle, we will also be giving you a mention in a tweet and a link to your site! Continue reading “Bloggers’ Showcase”

Optimizing WordPress

Have you ever clicked on a web page and after waiting for what seems like FOREVER for the page to load, you gave up and looked for an alternative website to provide the information you required? You maybe thought “hmmm I really need a new internet provider…” and whilst this may well be the case, it is usually just caused by slow page load times. In this post, we share some tips on optimizing WordPress.

Okay, so how do you achieve the ultimate in optimizing WordPress? We’ve already talked about Image Optimization (which if you haven’t read, we would recommend you check it out) but now we are going to discuss other elements involved. Continue reading “Optimizing WordPress”

WordPress Form Plugins

Welcome to the next instalment in the Sculpture Qode WordPress blog setup. So far we’ve talked about Setting up your first WordPress blog, securing your WordPress blog and image optimisation for your WordPress blog. Now we want to discuss how you can connect with your users using forms.

Forms are a great way for users to connect with you on a direct level, but forms can also be used to capture user data for newsletters, other relevant content and so much more. It’s safe to say that forms can be a really handy way to help grow your online community and even increase sales.  Continue reading “WordPress Form Plugins”

WordPress Image optimization

Whether you’re just setting up your WordPress blog, or you have an established WordPress site, you no doubt have plenty of images in your media library. Image optimisation is something that you can do to reduce the amount of time it takes your site to load. There are also other potential benefits such as increasing your Google insights score, which can increase your Google ranking. With some simple WordPress plugins and a few handy tips and tricks, it’s very easy to do and doesn’t take too long.  Continue reading “WordPress Image optimization”

Securing your WordPress Blog

Security is important, below we talk you through some great ways of securing your WordPress blog from all the potential attackers out there.

Admin username

If you use “Admin” as your username we highly recommend changing it to something unique to you and your blog. The reason for this is that “Admin” is widely used for the super admin account and attackers know this and will potentially use this knowledge when attempting to hack your WordPress Blog. Continue reading “Securing your WordPress Blog”

Setting up your first WordPress Blog

So you would like to start blogging and heard WordPress is the way to go. “Its really easy and doesn’t take too long” they say. Well at first it may seem daunting but its really not, there are just a few things that need to be in place before the blogging can begin.

Wether your a blogger of recipes, traveling, fashion, cats… or fashion for cats WordPress is the perfect companion. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be blogging before you know it. Continue reading “Setting up your first WordPress Blog”